Unpaid toll debt is subject to:

  • Accrued daily at 19% per year, compounded monthly
ICBC Hold On Your Account:
  • Unable to renew your driver's licence and vehicle insurance
  • $20 Processing Fee charged
  • May affect others linked to your account, if you co-own a vehicle, share insurance or share a TReO account with other drivers

Pay Your Toll

To clear your account, pay your outstanding balance in full.

Make a final payment by:

  • Entering your invoice number
  • Entering your licence plate number


What can we help you with?

I can't renew my driver's licence or insurance.

You may have an ICBC hold on your account.

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I thought I paid my bill already.

You may have another TReO account that is still outstanding.

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I never received a final bill.

You may have moved and the address we have on file is invalid.

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