About TI Corp

About Transportation Investment Corporation

TI Corp is a small Crown corporation and the team behind TReO and the Port Mann/Highway 1 (PMH1) Improvement Project. TI Corp created TReO, the easy, electronic and efficient toll system, to pay for the project. Through tolls, the organization ensures the construction debt for the PMH1 Improvement Project gets repaid and all financial obligations are met.

TI Corp is dedicated to the efficient, cost-conscious and customer-focused management of the Highway 1 corridor from Langley to Vancouver, the Port Mann Bridge, and the TReO toll system. The organization's vision is to become the recognized leader in innovative, customer-centric tolling solutions and sustainable transportation infrastructure that improves customer mobility.

TI Corp:

  • Managed British Columbia's largest transportation project
  • Develops and manages all-electronic tolling systems
  • Built and operates the province's most intelligent, connected highway
  • Provides customer service and account management for more than a million drivers
  • Linked the region's tolling systems into one customer experience

TI Corp is established under the Transportation Investment Act. TI Corp's primary mandate is to manage and ensure successful delivery and implementation of the PMH1 Improvement Project and repay the project debt by 2050. This includes construction, operations and maintenance of 37 kilometers of improvements to the Trans-Canada Highway through Metro Vancouver, as well as development, implementation and management of tolling operations (outlined in TI Corp's Concession Agreement with the Province) to pay for the project.

TReO is the official toll operating brand and registered trademark of Transportation Investment Corporation.