Disputing A Charge

How to dispute a charge

If you notice an error on your TReO bill, you can log in online and fill out the trip dispute form. A TReO customer service representative will review your dispute within 3-5 business days. Your toll charge will only be reversed if you've been incorrectly billed.

You may only dispute a trip for one of three reasons. If your trip does not fall into one of the below categories, your trip will not be reviewed and you will continue to incur interest until your outstanding balance is paid in full.

  1. That wasn't my vehicle - At the date and time your TReO decal or licence plate was detected and charged, your vehicle, or licence plate did not cross the Port Mann Bridge or the Golden Ears Bridge.
  2. My vehicle was stolen - At the date and time your TReO decal or licence plate was detected and charged, your vehicle, or licence plate was reported stolen to the police and therefore exempt from paying tolls.
  3. My vehicle size is incorrect - Your vehicle has been charged at an incorrect rate and needs to be adjusted.

You will need to provide detailed information about why you’re submitting the dispute. A separate form must be completed for each individual trip you wish to dispute. Once your dispute has been received, an email confirmation will be sent to you with the tracking number. You can use this tracking number to check the status of your dispute by logging into your account online.

If your dispute is rejected and you want the decision to be reconsidered, you must make the request in writing no later than 35 days after the determination. This can only occur where new evidence is available and/or the original evidence was incorrect. TReO will provide a notice of the reconsideration decision within 30 days of the request, including the written reasons for a rejection.

Appeal Process

If you aren't satisfied with the reconsideration decision, you are welcome to appeal to an arbitrator within 35 days of receiving your notice of the decision. An appeal fee of $30, payable by cheque or credit card, will apply at this time. If your appeal is successful we'll refund your $30.

Following your dispute

You will be required to pay your full disputed TReO bill within 35 days should the original dispute notice or the reconsideration notice be rejected.

We encourage you to review the Transportation Investment Act and TI Corp's Concession Agreement with the Province for additional information.