Email and Phone Scams

Email phishing and phone scams

Email and phone scams are often used by criminals asking you to disclose personal information such as your credit card number or bank account information.

Email:  Please note that TReO will never ask you to share your personal information such as your credit card, bank account number, username or password through an email.

Phone:  Please note it is not TReO policy to contact customers over the phone regarding overdue bills. If you receive a call from a third party asking for payment, please disregard and contact TReO.

If you receive an email or phone call of this nature, asking you for this type of information, it is most likely an email phishing or phone scam. Emails may even include a TReO logo and may even appear to come from an official TReO email address. The email could say that your account needs to be updated or ask you to click on a link and fill in your personal account details.

If you receive a suspicious email like this, please avoid clicking on any attachments as it may contain a virus or spyware. If you receive a suspicious phone call like this, please do not provide any of your personal information. Instead, double check the status of your TReO account either online or by calling TReO.

If you think you are the target of a TReO phishing or phone scam, please contact the RCMP Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at 1-888-495-8501, or visit their website at

E-Z Pass Phishing Scam

Please be aware that TReO is not sending out emails through E-Z Pass regarding unpaid tolls. If you have received an email similar to this, you are most likely subject to a phishing scam and should not open or respond to the message. To see an example of this scam, click here.

To check your account balance, login or give us a call if you have any further concerns.