How Tolling Works

Introducing open road tolling

The idea of stopping to pay a toll every time you cross the new Port Mann Bridge probably sounds less than appealing. Well, the good news is the TReO open road tolling system doesn't require stopping before you get on the bridge. With your TReO decal installed and payment already linked to your account, your tolls are automatically deducted. Since your decal is the key to convenience and discounts, it's well worth getting one.

For users who have not registered for a TReO account and decal, cameras will detect the licence plate and search the system for pre-payment.

If you have pre-paid in person or online, the base toll rate will be applied and automatically deducted from the credit on file.

If you have not pre-paid, you will have seven days to make a payment. If a payment is not received, an invoice will be issued and a licence plate processing fee will be added to the balance owing.

How tolling works

Your decal will automatically link with your licence plate number after you cross the Port Mann Bridge. Then, each time you travel, a radio signal from inside your decal is sent to a receiver on the bridge.

As a registered vehicle, your preferred form of automatic payment - pre-payment or pre-authorized payment - is linked to your account. The system automatically calculates usage and payment is charged every month. An electronic statement outlining all transactions will be emailed to you monthly.

The technology is similar to that on the Golden Ears Bridge, so with an automatic payment method on your account and your TReO decal installed, you can also manage your Golden Ears tolls through your TReO account, with a combined bill. Your decal will be activated the first time you drive over either bridge and your travel will be tracked automatically. It's the simplest way to cross and pay tolls, plus you'll be sure to get the best rates on both bridges.

A  TReO decal  gives you access to promotions and discounts, helps ensure your bills are correct and keeps the TReO system efficient and electronic. Each decal is unique and automatically identifies your vehicle to the toll system with best-in-class accuracy.