Tolls were removed on the Port Mann Bridge September 1.

This means you will not be charged for any trips taken after August 31, 2017.

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Paying For Tolls

Paying for tolls

To keep it easy and convenient, there are a variety of ways for you to pay for your tolls.

Registered TReO account holders

For drivers that have registered with TReO, you can benefit from automatic payment by adding a credit card or banking information to your TReO account. You can also choose a pre-paid account that can be topped up automatically when the balance dips below $10. 

Making a one time payment

For less frequent travelers like tourists who may not have a TReO account, there are many other easy ways to pay. In fact, you can pay online and make a one time payment after you travel across the Port Mann Bridge. All you need is your licence plate number or invoice. Pay Now.

Please note that payments always go against the oldest outstanding trips, not a vehicle's most recent crossing. If a vehicle or account has unpaid trips, your payment will be applied to those tolls first.

If you aren't registered with TReO, your most recent Port Mann Bridge trip may be charged a licence plate processing fee. You can avoid this by making sure your past tolls are paid and by making a one time payment within 7 days of your most recent Port Mann Bridge crossing.