Failing To Pay

Failing to pay your toll

You have 30 days to pay your tolls from the date on your mailed invoice. After 30 days, interest will accrue daily on the outstanding balance at a rate of 19% per year, compounded monthly.

Once your toll debt has been outstanding for more than 90 days, your account will be designated as Refuse to Issue (RTI). ICBC will then be notified, and you will be unable to renew your driver's licence or purchase car insurance for any vehicle registered under your account until the toll debt and any additional fees have been paid in full. This includes an additional $20 Processing Fee that will be charged to your TReO account if it is designated as Refuse to Issue.

If you co-own a vehicle, or share insurance or a TReO account, your outstanding tolls can affect other drivers linked to your account. If your account is designated as Refuse to Issue those drivers will be unable to renew their licence or insurance until your debt and any other outstanding TReO tolls have been paid in full.

Unpaid tolls by out of province users will be subject to collections.

How do I pay my toll debt?

You will need to pay the full toll debt balance shown on your invoice directly to TReO. Payment is easy and convenient and a number of payment options are available to customers.

These include:

  • Online using your credit card
  • By phone using your credit card
  • Online through your bank, or at your local branch

Once payment is complete, your RTI status will be cleared in real-time on both the ICBC and TReO systems. If you're at an ICBC office, this means you'll be able to proceed with renewing your driver's licence or car insurance right away.

If you wish to dispute a trip, you can log in online and fill out the trip dispute form. Any disputes will need to be resolved before clearing your RTI status. Learn more about the dispute process. 

Why am I being charged a $20 Processing Fee?

If you have an outstanding toll balance, your TReO account will be charged a $20 Processing Fee in order to have the hold on the renewal of your ICBC driver's licence or car insurance lifted. This fee is similar to an NSF fee that you would be charged by any financial institution if you had an overdrawn account.

The Processing Fee helps cover the additional systems, processes, people and costs required to manage overdue accounts.

It is not fair to ask others that keep their account in good standing to cover these additional costs that arise from your own account being overdue.

It is important to note that before your account is charged this fee or sent to ICBC, you are sent multiple notifications from TReO about your overdue account and how to pay it.