Ways To Save

Ways to save

When you register your vehicle with TReO and install a decal, you’ll have access to promotions and discounts. A decal helps ensure your bills are correct and keeps the TReO system efficient and electronic. Plus, when you add a payment method to your account, such as a credit card or banking information, you'll benefit from easy, automatic toll payments and avoid any unnecessary fees. So go ahead and register now.

Did you also know that when you add an automatic payment method to your account and install a TReO decal, you will qualify for Golden Ears Bridge's lowest transponder rate?  Learn more about combined billing today.

Avoid paying licence plate processing fees

You may have noticed a licence plate processing fee has been charged on your invoice.

When an unregistered vehicle crosses the Port Mann Bridge it takes more staff and systems to look up the car and send a bill.

We take a picture of the licence plate, contact the vehicle's insurance provider and confirm the address, then print and mail an invoice. Additional staff are also required to receive and process the payment.

When a vehicle is registered and pays automatically through a TReO account this process is automatic and these extra steps aren't required.

The $2.30 per trip licence plate processing fee is added for unregistered customers after seven days to cover these additional costs.

Haven't signed up with TReO? Pay your toll within seven days of crossing the bridge and keep the licence plate processing fee of $2.30 per trip off your bill.

Forgot to pay and found the licence plate processing fee on your bill? Just register online and set up automatic payment and you'll never have to worry about paying a licence plate processing fee again.

Port Mann Bridge Discounts

25% off for HOV drivers

If you're an HOV (High Occupancy Vehicle) driver, that's all the more reason to register and install a TReO decal on your vehicle. When you do, you'll receive a 25% discount during peak periods (Monday to Friday, from 6:30am to 8:30am, and 4:00pm to 6:00pm) when you drive with two or more occupants in the HOV lane as you pass under the toll point. Accessing the HOV lane from Surrey is easy, thanks to the brand new HOV on-and off-ramps at the 156 Street Interchange. Keep in mind, drivers will not be eligible for the HOV discount for a period of twelve months if caught travelling in the HOV lane without the required number of passengers.

Need help registering for the HOV discount? Read our frequently asked questions.

Late night truck driver?

A 50% discount applies for registered large commercial vehicles traveling between the hours of 9pm and 5am.

Let an unlimited monthly pass save you money.

As a regular driver across the Port Mann Bridge, you may find the convenience of an unlimited monthly pass appealing.

If you register, the cost of monthly passes are:
$80 / month for a motorcycle


$155 / month for a small vehicle


$315 / month for a medium vehicle
A word or two on monthly passes:
  • You will need to sign up for your monthly pass by phone with one of our agents or in person at one of our Customer Service Centres.
  • When you purchase a monthly pass, you are signing up for ongoing monthly passes. If you only want one month's worth of unlimited tolling, you will need to opt out after one month or your account will continue to be billed.
  • Monthly passes operate on a calendar month basis and aren't pro-rated. Each pass needs to be registered with an automatic payment method before the start of the month and are non-refundable once the month begins. 
  • Ongoing monthly passes will be billed to your account on the sixth day of every month.
  • If you change your licence plate number or purchase a new vehicle, you will need to update your monthly pass vehicle information by calling us or visiting one of our Customer Service Centres.

You may qualify for a toll exemption on the Port Mann Bridge

Special vehicles such as emergency vehicles and TransLink transit vehicles will be exempt from tolls. Registered vanpools, taxis and persons with disabilities will need to register with TReO and provide proof of exemption eligibility. See if you qualify for either a personal exemption or a business exemption on the Port Mann Bridge.