Vehicle Decals

What is a TReO decal? And what does it look like?


Your TReO decal is a small, band-aid size sticker that attaches to your windshield and is used to keep track of how many trips you make across the Port Mann Bridge.

How does it work?

Your decal will automatically link with your licence plate number and each time you travel, a radio signal from inside your decal is sent to a receiver on the bridge. If you are a registered vehicle with automatic payment linked to your account (credit card or banking information), the system calculates usage and payment is automatically charged.

The technology is similar to that on the Golden Ears Bridge, so with an automatic payment method on your account and your TReO decal installed, you can also manage your Golden Ears tolls through your TReO account, with a combined bill. Your decal will be activated the first time you drive over either bridge and your travel will be tracked automatically. It's the simplest way to cross and pay tolls, plus you'll be sure to get the best rate on both bridges.

A TReO decal gives you access to promotions and discounts, helps ensure your bills are correct and keeps the TReO system efficient and electronic. Each decal is unique and automatically identifies your vehicle to the toll system with best-in-class accuracy.

We assure you, keeping your information confidential is a priority for us. We collect only the information we need for toll collection and do not share it or use it for any other purpose.

What if my car has a metallic windshield?

Although the TReO decal will work with most windshields, there are some cars that have specialized windshields that may prevent the sensors from viewing your decal. If this happens, we can send you a small decal that can be installed on your front right headlight. Call or visit us if you need a headlight decal.

For more information about metallic windshields, please read our frequently asked questions.